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Dynamic Leadership Ecosystem

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My Story

I was born in California and raised on the banks of the Rheine River in Bad Godesberg, West Germany during the Cold War. My early career after I returned to the USA was clerical and labor in nature covering such industries as media, retail, instant printing, and a host of other tenures. In 1980 I started with a regulated, investor - owned utility in Denver, Colorado. Under the tutelage of some incredible leaders, I finished my BSBA and entered the ranks of management of a Fortune 500 company.


After these formative leadership years, I spent 3 1/2 - years in technology, including an offer in 1995 by Microsoft for a content provider contract for the soon to be opened msn. com. The next career move was the healthcare industry on the administrative side. Over the next 23 years I developed the dynamic leadership ecosystem and implemented successfully on four occasions with incredible financial and people results.

My Books

Dynamic Leadership Ecosystem

You, Me, And Trust In American Government


You, Me, And Ukraine: Fight For Freedom

My Books

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 When asked why I wanted to work in a nuclear power plant during an interview, I responded “I always wanted to glow in the dark."

- R. Mike Faris  

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